The amount of time in a day should be motivation to get as much as you can get done. From the rise of the sun to the stars in the sky, even then there’s still time left. My whole approach since starting my grad program is how much time management can I actually exercise throughout… Read More Time. 


I tried something different with my makeup today. A softer look. No eyeliner. Bb cream. Mascara. Pink lips. A little blush. I liked it.  Today was just…. Idk. I have a child on the unit who poops in their hands and smears it all over their self and walls when they get mad. Another future… Read More


You have to learn to be softer. With yourself and with your art. Don’t be so critical. Don’t be so tough. Feel what’s needed and write. Just write. Practice. Practice. Practice. I think the more you think about how you’re not as creative as her or him or them, you put yourself in a vulnerable… Read More