letters to my lovers

My only womanly advice I can offer

Make sure the man knows your worth and can appreciate it.

You can never make a man see your worth. He has to already recognize it. Do you understand?

You will blossom as a woman when you get a man who does. Trust me on this. You will blossom.

And you wanna know how a man knows your worth? He will feed you. He will feed you everything he has to make sure you feel good and whole. He will feed you with fulfillment. With compassion and appreciation, no wondering ifs or second guessing. It will be the little things he does that will make you realize and understand your place in that man’s life.

But not to be confused with the comfortability that some men can mask with quick pacifications of TV romance. Hallmark cards full of shit. I’ll save that for another time though.

You as a woman, you can’t teach a man to value. That’s no your job or your place. You cannot occupy that empty space with fruitless attempts to make him see and understand you as a woman. That needs to be already there. From appreciation to value to your worth.

Am I being fed, you ask? Maybe you haven’t been following this journey I’ve been. Retrace over my words.

Your answer lies there.

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