Diary Entries

Diary entry: 11/28/17

If we continue on, you understand what we become? Resorting to only the physical will just be an addition to this. The excitement that rushes through me in wait of experiencing you in that light. You’re already so beautiful and raw, to be able to have so much more, I am in awe of what will stand before me and would stand before me. If we continue on who do we become?

How much more could the body hold against it before combustion? Before melting into this formation? Before this sense of liberation overwhelms us, before we topple over in complete satisfaction at retracing this journey, how much more do you think, or longer do you think we can withstand this?

I am barely able to muster enough courage to remaining living this way.

If we continue on this way, are we ready to be more? I want you how I should have had you before this took shape into what this is now.

I will never be satisfied until I have all of you.

I’ve been waiting for you, lover.

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