Diary Entries

Diary entry: 9/1/17

model: Eliana Oritz – photography: Miguel Pena – styling: Clau Rojas – hair & makeup: George Romero – art director: Juliet Vasquez

Compliments to the chef.

I’m normally very mindful of my dining etiquette. I attended etiquette class every Saturday, extensively. No elbows on the table, small bites and so forth. Very prim. Very proper. Very ladylike. Poised and delicately appealing while dining I must remain. Back straight, impeccable posture and legs crossed with hands folded gently. I still appear the same way but with different manners that you request, sir. Slight curve of the spine due to a tilted head with soft hands sliding in an upward down motion. I’ve always known how to speak life into a man while on my knees. You crave the visuals of me satisfied. No gently dabbing the corners of the mouth after serving me. A mouthful overflowing with you. Do I make you proud, sir? Complimenting the chef as I savor every inch of my meal. No need to worry about my hair because you so politely hold it back for me. I love the demands to swallow. I was never much into see-food but it creates such a throbbing sensation within you to see the seasonings on the tip of my tongue. I relish the taste on every corner of my palette. Treating you like a finely aged merlot, the flavor is rich and potent. Oh, how I enjoy your excitement. Dining with you is an experience.

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