letters to my lovers

After the rain. 

All day I’ve been wanting your hands all over me. I could feel them moving underneath my shirt and around my waist. Your hands there to just lift me up and bring me back down slowly. I could hear you in my ear whispering my favorites as my legs began to spread, ready for firm pressure.  My knees have been weak all afternoon with just wanting you. You just might be my favorite fantasy. The things I still want to do…. with the extension of you. A very long sit down with a face to face exchange of an explicit conversation of motivation. The rain has stopped for now but thunderstorms will return tonight. I want my moans to be in sync with the sounds of thunder. Maybe you should join me tonight. The evening before  I enjoyed the rainstorm alone but tonight, tonight I think you’re presence is needed.  Desperately, needed. Tonight should be shared.

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