The amount of time in a day should be motivation to get as much as you can get done. From the rise of the sun to the stars in the sky, even then there’s still time left. My whole approach since starting my grad program is how much time management can I actually exercise throughout my days. I work roughly 8-9 hrs each day, at this point 7 days a week, each job. Although with my fulltime job I’m so passionately invested in it that it aint even about hours put in, I just want to make sure my families have all they need for these kids. The goal is to feel some sense of completion. Remember I stated about making sure to give yourself credit even for the very small things you’re able to do? Continue that mental exercise and prosper. I like to go to the gym, spend at least 45mins there and then still be able to come home and do my school work. Having my day end around 11pm, by the time my head hits the pillow I go over all that has been done and feel accomplished. It’s almost a rush to prove to myself that there’s so much I can do just within a day. What started this thinking was not just starting grad school but a conversation I had with my boss. He’s a bit much but pretty damn inspirational and he doesn’t even know it. We have had conversations on why the caged bird sings. There’s passion. There’s intelligence. There are many levels to this man. He can even do my weave because he’s has his braiding license. Hell, he went to cosmetology school. He’s a white guy, who’s a Alpha from the backwoods of Mississippi and has had the oddest jobs I’ve ever heard of like chasing chickens, but I’m from the city so I don’t expect to hear about jobs like that. Anyways, the conversation is the main focus here. I asked him one day something and he ends up telling me about his coaching and how he’s trying to start up a new facility and I just looked shocked and confused. I responded to him and was like how many jobs do you have? And his response was I mean we are here for a little while, what else should I do with my time? And I was flabbergasted. I mean legit blown away because I never once stopped to think about that. It’s a natural thing to think time is on our side. It’s that invincibility, that the world is mine mentality. Not that it’s a bad thing to feel as such, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to view time as a good friend of yours. I think just be mindful and treat your actual relationship with time as tenderly as possible because just like friends, time can change. I guess I just want to be as productive as I can possibly be. It sounds cliché, almost childlike but what else am I to do with my time..? 

What other ways is there to spend the time allotted?  

Look, I’m just out here trying to make the best life for me and enjoy as much of it as I can. 

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