Midnight lovers. 

Written: November 16,2013

It’s the sensuality. The way you cup my breast and fill your mouth with my body. How freely your hands roam to places the candlelight cannot find tonight. The inhales. The gasps as newer places are discovered. The laughter shared as we venture off to this place we’ve been so many times before. Light kisses against my neck expresses your need for me. Those whispers define our departure time. The heat rises, my hair is everywhere and you encourage me to just let go. Let go of every inhibition, every doubt and concern and just work your body and follow the rhythm. How easily I forget about how self conscious I really am as my titties bounce and the sound of sticky flesh fills the room. I love the scents we create. The noises. The moans of desperation as with each stroke I can feel how bad you needed to get away tonight. It’s never about the positions. Or how fast or slow we can go. It’s about the chemistry and understanding that we experience every time we’re naked;body and soul…. 
Until next time my lover… 

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