It’s just a little crush… 

Written: August 30,2013 

There’s something so innocent about having a crush. Something so magical. I think it has to do with how childlike a person feels. The occasional butterflies and nonstop goofy smiling. It feels so easy. So free. And when they come around how suddenly your feet or your mouth don’t work properly and you feel like you’re under a spell. They can do no wrong, well they can but you justify it. It’s just simple. Nobody can take that away from you. Not the way you feel or the light in which you’ve placed your crush. No matter how high of a pedestal they’re on, nobody can take that. And I think it’s amazing how strong ahold a crush can have on us and it alters our way of viewing such simple things. It’s like having a crush allows us to show affection privately and that act alone is sufficient enough for our world to continue spinning. You understand what I am saying? We love to give affection and we especially love to receive affection, and a crush allows us to release our feel-good chemicals, endorphins, that aids in our daily worldly perspectives. That magical part is how genuinely good we feel, just a word from the person and our day is perfect. 
I enjoy participating in such childlike activities, it’s sweet.
And right now, I’m crushing hard but I don’t want to say too much yet because I like the distance, for now. 

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