Be full but not too full. 

Be careful. Always take precaution and be mindful. What does it even mean to be mindful?? That word is used so often, it would seem that the definition would be easy to find. Context clues. Interpretations. Mindful is being aware. Mindful is being conscious of your actions and thoughts. It’s about being present. Be mindful. Have your mind be fully aware of your surroundings. People. Energies. Really focus on what and how energy is being used. Whether wisely or not, take a mindful approach. I typically shrug off weird energies I get. It’s very easy to identify the vibrations and off settings. It leaves the body uncomfortable and irritable. The past few nights my mind has become full of a man. A man not mine, but a man that I have loved for many years. This weekend my energy was spent on remembering memories and watching old videos of us. Breathing in a deceitful past. Perception is reality, regardless of the truth. The truth was my heart still remained with this man. The mind was full. I was aware. I gave so much energy to my thoughts of him that now he haunts my dreams. Torments me with visions of love we’ll never share. Soft kisses I feel against my forehead. How I wish my nights were kinder. I gave too much energy to my thoughts of him and now I can’t see clearly. The point is to be careful where and what you decide to put your energy into. We create a lot of our worldly issues just from thoughts that oblivion becomes a favorite theme park. Energies are powerful. The full moon has passed, so rational emotions are free to roam and reign. This is just a soft reminder to be mindful. 

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