Soooo found this little recipe on Facebook. Decided to try it. 
Here’s a little background: 
I’ve had my period 3x last month with the third time carrying over into this month. I’ve been hormonal. I’ve been emotional. I’ve been breaking out. My tea tree oil wasn’t really helping with the breakouts. I’m on a very low dosage of birth control, it’s only proestrin no estrogen (which I’m beginning to believe plays a huge part with my emotional rollercoaster, i mean the lack there of). Any who, been a mess. My face has been up and down. Been working out a lot and drinking lots of water. Nothing really improving. I use this facial scrub from St. Ives and its gentle, not really for acne (i stopped using commercial acne products and switched to the au natural route years ago). Face has just been really bumpy, like heat rash bumpy. Even after my gentle scrub my face felt clean but not smooth. 
I literally just used this concoction maybe 20mins ago and my face….😳😱
Smooth. Feels extremely fresh. My face feels like it can breathe. It was instant results. I was skeptical about baking soda on my face but I was skeptical about turmeric on my face, ACV as well, you name it. But they work!!! The baking soda once I began kinda rubbing the mixture around my burn, it began to burn a little. My face ain’t red, no irritation, my face looks new. Almost like a glow. ☺

Side note: I bought my coconut oil from Marshalls. It was like $5 for that jar.

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