To a man: 

The moment his words covered me gently, I felt flowers blossom on the tip of my tongue and my heart opened. The tenderness of his words grabbed parts of me the light never saw and the sensation of him swallowed me whole. The first time is always the sweetest but will not withstand without action. Comforting that thought with an energy incomparable to any description I offer is why I pray the sun rises just see his smile. My prayers run deep for a man who’s offered me a beautiful friendship that I will nurture and tend to every flower we plant along this wall of distance we are facing currently. Days need to be soft and thoughts remain clear because what the heart wants should never be denied. I will be here to mend broken hearts.  See,  I made an exchange with the most high I gave myself to him in return that He touch the lives of those around me. So it’s ok. I pray to one day fall in love with you and keep you happy for you have given me something only my love in return would be a token of my gratitude. It’s a beautiful thing when you meet a man and he offers you sincerity instead of commercial fabricated notations of a love he doesn’t even believe in. I pray you find happiness in my words as I have find strength in yours. You have a beautiful soul. 


Written: April 25,2014 

Artist: unknown. 

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