Tea conversations: part 5 

The hospital is full. As always. I’ve been to the ER 12x today and each time I was given the opportunity to thank the most high. To give him praise. To rejoice in his name. Four patients coded today. Four didn’t make it today. I was there in their moments. I was there with hands clenched and sweat dripping down my neck. I can handle a lot. I’m strong enough to rule to world. It’s just in certain moments such as these I’m reminded just how small I am in His world. I remember small arguments I let grow, the moments I could have said yes but instead I said no. Times I gave up in the dark when all I had to do was just ask for help. This hospital has matured me. Has aided in my self progression. Has given me the ability to remember to love everyone; the wrong doers and the ones who try to diminish my light, fade me out. Throughout the day I pray 3-4 times. Because I am able to leave every night to go home. To sleep. To love. To eat. Whatever the case is, I am able to go home. My tears dry and words are exchanged but I am able to go home. My patient said that to me the first year I began working here and I still remember those words… 

Written: January 16,2014

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