Tea conversations: part 2 

30minute breaks never suffice for mental restoration. Working non stop, dealing with doctors and angry nurses and trying to manipulate situations between coworkers and patients is exhausting. But nonetheless every single minute is used, wisely. Thoroughly. Today has been by far a great day, never mind the fact the hair has been on fabulous but as the most high as my witness, the amount of laughter that’s been heard throughout the day is just beautiful. Voices fade off, trail off and just become nothingness but laughter stays ringing. Down the halls I hear families keeping each others spirits up and it’s sweet and pure and genuine. My god does it bring sunshine on this gray day. Languages not familiar but laughing is universal. Hands locked together, tears rolling down faces because grandpa farted as he went to reach for his teeth. Kids hiding behind curtains, mothers yelling for them to stop but they just respond with giggling. Nothing matters in these moments and nothing should. Questions turn into jokes as patients attempt to understand procedures and it feels as if things will be ok, just keep laughing. It’s 9:13pm and I’m reflecting on the events of today over some green tea and I can’t stop smiling. I attempted to explain to my coworker who is 62, about all this pressure on my vag and she replies “aye, mami hang it in the bathroom and pick it up before you go home,” I laughed so hard. She told me a patient exposed himself to her and said “mami it was huge!!”…All day, despite the drs and nurses with their attitudes, we’ve been laughing. It’s been a feel good day. An amazing day to make someone’s cheeks hurt or become sore or form abs from the life experiences you’ve learned but turned into something humours to share. Any day is a good day when you make someone laugh. I’ve learned to value just how important it is to just laugh. My patients have taught me this and life has been an awesome teacher, taking my tears of sadness and making me understand what you can’t control either laugh at it and let it go or worry yourself sick and stress…. 
It’s been a really great day.

Written: January 8, 2014

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