Second guessing. 

It’s from challenges/obstacles that the true self emerges. I am stuck and frustrated at this moment. Look, sometimes I accomplish things that I have no idea how I did it. No idea. No words to guide. No recollection of movements. Just going with a feeling. I managed to create something with my hands and I wanna be there again. But doubts and frustration are clouding me. I’m trying to just move. Just move. Flow. There’s something missing. 
I’m at this table hoping for something. 
He’s tryna move me but it don’t come from other people. What’s meant for you comes from you. It’s about discovering yourself over and over again. We all have hidden talents. You’d be surprised at what you can be and become. You just have to ask yourself:

Do you believe in yourself?

Then prove it.

Written: June 18,2016

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