With me turning 27 in another month or so, I have a few things I wanna work on: 
🎈this year was about keeping my word. If I say I am going to do something then I stand by it whole heartedly. I’ll leave when I say I will and ain’t no turning back. I made sure my girls held me to my word. I had a tendency to not stand strong with my words. That resolution forced me to chose my words very carefully and be more mindful of my actions/behaviors. I was dealing with situations that kept going in circles, mainly due to me not taking action and being firm and believing more in the power of my words. But I’m so much better. I feel so much more in control. 
🎈this is year 27. I wanna also make this year about over coming my fears. Making things happen. I used to believe in myself much more than I do now. I think because I was just full of myself and there was a time when I didn’t find comparisons to be so harmful to my spiritual and mental being. I wanna be full of myself again. I don’t care. I wanna indulge in myself and not feel ashamed for doing so. Not feel less because I can’t write or look or express as freely as others do. Or because I’m scared to love myself. I wanna be less fearful as the rest of this year moves on. 
I do. 
I honestly and truly do. 

This is year 27.

Written: May 25,2016 

Side note: still struggling with a lot, but I’m getting there. I am. 

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