Personal: career in mental health. 

 What a nuisance it becomes when working in the mental health field and someone says “you look tired” tired? I look tired? It’s just so casually stated like as if I decided to wear my pants backwards or something. Or didn’t do my hair. I don’t even know how else to describe the feeling entirely. But it aint about being tired. Oh no. it aint even close. I work very long hours. Very long. Providing mental health services to my children and their families is everything to me. Drained mentally. Emotionally exhausted. But I am so fulfilled. My entire being is so fulfilled in just being a part of their lives, no matter how crazy or hectic or chaotic they try to make mine. I walk into work happy. I mean just face beaming with the rays of sun. I am here. Fully. There’s such an amazing amount of gratitude displayed from families. No doubt everybody is suffering from some type of mental health illness. It takes a toll on surrounding lives. Everyone is affected. That’s just how it is. But there are people out in this world that are built for the work that it takes and requires to help such individuals. I am one of them. yes, I am fuckin drained. Yes, these long hours sometimes need not be put in… but I am here. I am fucking here. Busting my ass. My coworkers are busting their asses trying to provide for a community of people that so many want to keep quiet. Silence is nothing when a heart so passionate works tirelessly to make a change. No matter how small. The reward is never instant. We don’t see results or turn arounds until years later, but we are here still working. Still pushing through to help you. And You. And also You. I believe in this field and I believe in long nights alongside people who are just as dedicated to this draining art of empathy to individuals who will create outstanding stories or create more lessons in this ever changing mental health community. Just know, I love my fuckin job.

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