letters to my lovers


I get super horny and start fantasizing about all the naughty things I could do. With lovers. Sharing kisses with midnight skies. Creating new shapes with candles being poured. It’s tender and lustful with lovers. They only feed the desire. With him. It’s a satisfying type of hunger being cured. A mouth empty begging to be filled. Begging for the thirst to be quenched. Lips being drenched with his warmth. All the ways I wanna fit him inside. I want him to watch and want. To be so hard and ready that a soft kiss will make him explode. A man’s moan is something so erotic. It’s almost sensual when they do. To make a a man moan… is enticing. It’s delicious especially when you’re coming up for air. It gives a new flavor. A new motivation. A 2am love fest is satisfying in ways unimaginable. The rawness between us. Wet bodies. Planting hands together and sowing seeds deep within…. can you smack my ass and choke me while we rhythmically moving tonight? I can’t get you deeper. I want you to live inside you feel so good. There’s no better feeling than the raw thickness of my man between my thighs and a camera to catch these moments.

Written: October 31,2016

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