I tried something different with my makeup today. A softer look. No eyeliner. Bb cream. Mascara. Pink lips. A little blush. I liked it. 
Today was just…. Idk. I have a child on the unit who poops in their hands and smears it all over their self and walls when they get mad. Another future ring leader came in tryna recruit young girls in the never ending sex trafficking community. Vicious cycles. Sweet little girls. Rough lives. And it’s these young girls that I want to affect. The ones that have endured the sexual trauma. The horrific nights. The nightmares. The waiting for someone to save them. I watch them level the facility and just pray for them. I’m not where I wanna be or should to help them yet. Technically I can’t. 

He says my hearts too big to be in this field. 
But this is all I’ve ever wanted to do. 
I have a side hustle of course, but my heart is right here. 

One of my girlies said to me the other day that she wants to be like me. She says I walk like I own the place and I look like a supervisor. I told her it’s all about the way you carry yourself as a woman. 
That shit made me feel good y’all. And it just pushes me. 
Someone wants to be like me. Knows nothing about the paths I’ve walked but wants to be like ME. 
Ya’ll wtf?? 

There are many ways the Most High speaks to you and guides you. 
You just have to LISTEN.

Written: June 13,2016 

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