You have to learn to be softer. With yourself and with your art. Don’t be so critical. Don’t be so tough. Feel what’s needed and write. Just write. Practice. Practice. Practice. I think the more you think about how you’re not as creative as her or him or them, you put yourself in a vulnerable position to never test yourself. It’s not about her or him or them. Your passion is yours. It’s all yours. The gift given to you is for you to use. Write the world in a shade of green or red. Write your life in passion. You have the ability to write and change lives and people one day may live through your words. Be softer. Everyday if you must, speak your fears and then tackle them. Tackle your fears and then write about about nothing can hold you back. Not tears. Not rejection. Not criticism. Nothing. Face your fears and be ready to be everything someone needs. There’s truth in your words. Share them. 
You never know who’s reading.

Written: March 20,2017 

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