15 minutes. 

What’s better than 15mins of silence?where you can breathe and smile and think or maybe no thinking. Just breathing and smiling. What’s better than that? Belly is full. The sky is a soft gray. Hazelnut coffee filing the office as the paperwork just piles up. During those 15mins of silence the world stops. My world stops. I take the time to just the present. I remember in my yoga classes towards the end, there was an exercise we did where we closed our eyes and wherever the instructor said to focus, is where we sent our energy. I do that sometimes. I close my eyes and pay attention to every part of my body. My feet are typically sore all the time. I work a lot. On my feet, specifically. So I close my eyes and just breathe and send as much energy as I can to my feet. My favorite part to visit is, well, between my lovely thighs. The energy that flows through there is magnificent. It starts pulsing and the sensory nerves begin to excite, envisioning moisture forming. Following between lines, in and out and in and out. Taking a deep breathing every time I feel the “in” and my head feels light as the energy is just… 


15mins of silence.

15mins of pleasure.

Y’all ever heard of a mental orgasm? 
It’s amazing what you can do with your energy. 
Breathe slow and just relax. 
Other forms of exercising mental health. 😊
Have a good day everyone!

Written: September 1,2016 

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