You gotta just go with things sometimes. If a sudden passion emerges, man, flow with it. Just flow. Flow. I don’t think being hesitant is helpful nor is the excuse of being cautious anymore conducive than waiting for the right time. Just go with it. Getting too caught up on the worldly thoughts and overthinking the sweetest things. You have to learn to just go with the flow of things. Let the universe guide you. Trust in rhythm and be open to receive. Be open. Like windows in the sweat of the night. Flow easily like a warm breeze between fingers. Just vibe. If need be say a few words to the sky but it’s really all about trusting your place in this universe. Trusting yourself. Just, trusting. This is what yoga is teaching me. I’ve been going faithfully every Saturday for about 2months now. I dedicated myself to this. I have no idea where the sudden interest came from, why I was pulling myself to this class…. but I just went with it. Every Saturday, by myself, alone, inside a heated room with strangers at my fingertips enjoying and relearning the process of trusting myself. I’m flowing. Rocking my hips back and forth, releasing and reaching arms up high… I’m present and enjoying this sudden urge to wanna be captivated by. I could go on and on about just going with the flow of things but I think at this point…. you get it.

Written: February 11, 2017

Artwork: stunning photography by @oye_diran (instagram account)

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