Brighter lights in spirituality 

Making sure you are aware of who is in life your life, is important. Look at the many ways the most high speaks to you. Listen to the words that are spoken. Be present in feelings. Practice mindfulness in understanding how blessings are directed and instructed. I think today was about being awake. Too many days pass by and the routine continues on. He started speaking to me loudly the other day and it gave me chills. Not the type of excitement I normally receive when a man raises his voice. No. Sometimes when the most high needs you to hear Him, he sends his message in the most unexpected way. But that connection, that spirituality piece has to be present or the message is never received. There was passion in his voice, the type of passion a man gives when he believes beyond sight. It’s a type of passion that allows the message to be delivered effortlessly. It feels good when the words begin and by the end of it what’s left is action. It pushes and pulls, begs of you to receive this message. To understand this message. When the most high speaks, you must listen and be prepared. 

I remember praying a few weeks ago to have His message, to have His plan for my life to be given to me. A bit demanding I am in my prayers, I know. But a sense of direction is always necessary when the soul feels lost, you understand? I didn’t expect His message to be sent in the form of a man who teases my heart, but forces me to create more and more art. 

Conversations a few nights ago revolved around the determination of what art is. I think whatever creates a passionate heart is art. 

My art is my words. 

I know this. 

I believe this. 

The message has been received. 

I think, therefore I write. 

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