Belief system. 

Sometimes to get through situations you just have to rely heavily on some type of belief system. When I say belief system I don’t mean some type of faith to get you through. I mean more so about your thoughts. Calculating and deciding on moves to make and words to say. It’s a type of belief system that’s requires actually believing and being optimistic that things will work out due to your thoughts. Your words. I’m at a point where I want to believe that things will be ok in my relationship. That I didn’t write myself in love and that his belief system is stronger than mine at this moment. Because when the woman is weak, the man needs to be strong. That’s how it goes right? Right? That once the sunsets on a Saturday evening that joy cometh in the morning wrapped in an abundance of love and warmth. With arms meant to hold the woman together and lips soft enough to ease the mind. Calloused hands explaining that work is being done to build us up. Tears forming in the release of stress as the man continues on creating a better world, constructing a better belief system for his woman. Direction is lost without each other and a belief system doesn’t exist if the minds do not reproduce the thoughts to keep the sanity alive. What good does it do to believe in love but fail at optimism? To have a belief so strong that the comprehension of 1+1 equaling 2 never seemed far fetched. But at the same time understanding whole numbers only produce whole numbers. A fraction of a person has never been able to prosper in the field of love. Love requires wholeness. Love requires you. It requires me. I just hope you have a better belief system than I do at this point. Because I’m having a really hard time believing things will work out.


The evening gown

Artist: Rene Magritte

Completion Date: 1954

Place of Creation: Brussels, Belgium

Style: Surrealism

Period: Mature Period

Genre: nude painting (nu)

Technique: oil

Material: canvas

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