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There are levels…

And mountains. And peaks. That rise and sway. That move and speak. The Valley between each mountain and peak runs wild, especially when the full moon affects the tides. Waters become rough and furious, there’s a strong current ready to pull those near and far into the downward spiral that is woman. I am woman and I need The Valley to be touched, softly. Feel the senses heighten with movement. With speech. The levels are rising as the cycle ends. Can you feel the heat coming off the nearest flesh? I am but flesh in dire need to be sowed and reaped. Fertile grounds dancing in the wombs of woman. I can bare the seeds of life just nourish me, deeply. I’ll continue this song and dance for as long as the moon fills the sky.

I am woman.

Ready and ripe.

I am moon.

Full and powerful.

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