The reasons to keep pushing. 

I love how we are pushing and motivating each other to get ready for our 1yr anniversary. This has been my best friend since I was 14. We are 27/28 now. Out here seeing each other naked and falling in love and shit. We pushing each other to get our health on track. Making better decisions money and food wise. I just love what’s becoming us. I’ve still been praying for us to grow spiritually and emotionally. Still asking/inviting the most high in our relationship. It’s tough sometimes. It really is. I mean it really is man. But somehow we are managing it. Taking each set back with a smile. We’ve always had each other’s back since we was young. Always. I’m glad this friendship has created a solid foundation for us because we are beautiful together. And it’s all love with this man. The only difference is he tryna make a baby and I’m tryna go to grad school lol. But I’m happy and so thankful for the love that’s still growing, for the happiness, for the support, for the love we have together. The most high knew what he was doin when he sent my man this way. And I will do everything I can to feed and nurture and love this man and relationship. There are days I want to give up, I promise. Some days I want something new to spark my interest. Something exciting and something that’s not my man, but that’s part of growing and maturing in a relationship and the actual relationship itself. I just pray to never stray too far that I am no longer able to see my man, to have sight in my man. I am learning, as a woman, as a lover, that the most dangerous thing you could ever do in a relationship is lose your vision. But I’m learning. And so is he. It’s hard. It’s worth it. 

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