Things change. 

I draw blanks a lot of the times when people ask me what I’m doing with my life. I just smile and reply “living”. That’s a good answer right? I mean technically that’s what I’m doing. Right? Working. Paying bills. Attempting a life with love. Seeing places. Traveling. Experiencing. That’s what living is, right? But that answer never really seems to be enough for people. They wanna dig and pick and pry, and lemme tell ya sometimes walking away ain’t enough. It’s funny, I suppose, when I respond with that they always follow up with “ok but are you in school ? What are you gonna do career wise?” I get it. I’m 3 years shy of 30. Just got into my career field, finally. People always expect more. You have to be driven and motivated and a goal getter. Man listen, that’s fine and dandy my friend, but you asked what I’m doing with my life and this is my answer. Things change when you get into you career. What you dreamed about, all these changes you were gonna make and the impact you wanted to have on young women; they are still there it’s just, different now. It’s so different now.

Written August 31, 2017

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