I wanted to be an artist when I was a little girl. That’s all I had wanted. I just wanted to paint and create. I have such a vivid imagination. I love colors. Bright colors. Deep hues of red. My favorite movie of all time is “What Dreams May Come” and the imagery and the symbolism with each color and just everything about the movie is amazing. I could watch it all day. It’s a sci-fi movie. In the movie the main character is a painter, she lost her two kids and husband in car crashes, and she communicates with her family through her paintings. She paints their heaven. And it just leads me to believe we can create our world, our piece of heaven. It’s just such a fantastic movie. I wrote about it a lot in college. The relationships, the depression and all the religious references. You should watch the movie one day. But anyways…. I just wanted to be an artist. It’s euphoric the calming that comes over you when it’s just the canvas, you and your music. It’s peaceful. I’m creating. I love to create whether it be through words or passion between bodies, whatever, creating is fun. Sometimes we just have to learn to stop ignoring what really drives us crazy. What drives us mad with passion. We have to learn to better channel that energy and go with it. 

I’m still learning. But I’m becoming more and more unapologetic in everything that I do. If it makes me happy I’m doing it. 

Thassss it mami. Lol

Written December 24,2015 

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