There are days that exist where moments are monumental and the sun shines bright; sun rays bouncing softly off the golden hue of cocoa complexions. conversations from previous lessons of life replay as a gentle rhythmic humming begins and sweet remnants of cinnamon sugared treats tug at the core of your memory. there are days that exist to reinforce the importance of reevaluating perspectives and positions in life; relationships, maturation and developing healthier thought patterns about yourself, with yourself. there are mornings where you can still hear the angels’ whispers as the universe aligns itself for you. the trees, the birds, the wind; there are days that exist to remind you the simplicity of life and if you pay attention and relax, how smooth sailing it will all be. it’s a process to reach such an intensity and appreciation of the deserving recognition this life has to offer; but it’s a beautiful process. and there are nights that exist where the stars shine bright and Ms. Badu sings your subconscious a lullaby as pieces of you fall into place in your queen sized satin sheet bed. simple things can be amazingly wonderful in their instructions and directions, just offer the sincerity in understanding their existence. remain open minded and extend your capability of comprehension when even on a rainy day the sun still shines. there are days that exist to awaken a restless soul that even when rising to your full potential seems pointless and exasperating because the cards dealt were never by choice, there are days that exist to help heal the pain. and this is where my story begins…. 

Written March 21,2014. 

This was going to be the intro to my book. 😊

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