Today, I Defended Beyoncé. 

A very civil conversation. Nothing out of this world. It’s never been my style to write about celebrities, unless I’m sharing a bed with them creating something beautiful during the hours where the body is vulnerable… because I’ve never cared enough to have to debate. I tend to stray away from these topics. For what? To prove what?… today was different. Today put perspective why these discussions need to happen. Today, I politely and artistically corrected a coworker. I say artistically because I’m very expressive when I become passionately engaged in conversation which is code for: I talked with my hands. 

I don’t think “corrected” is the proper word for today…

I believe the correct term is actually…. “Solange-ed” What I mean by that is… I simply just reiterated “This is aint for you, this was never for you. Hence why you cant understand what this is about.” I actually had to say that today. You think this is just about Beyoncé? You have no idea what this woman has done for black women and the art of music. The message.The content. The lyrics. The poetry, quoting my favorite poet: Warsan Shire. A poet who used every ounce of her mother’s being as a lesson, as a blessing, as a curse to tell her story.  There’s political issues. Police brutality. The imagery. The music, the literal music. The magnitude that she reaches. She is a performer and each performance she does, she moves. That’s what performers do. They move souls. They move hearts. They are a movement in themselves. 

That’s the art behind her. 

Music is an art. Art is allowed to be interpreted differently. That’s the beauty about perception. While some younger minds on still tryna “surfboardt” others are finding confidence and the power to no longer feel inferior to mediocrity. Others are finding a voice, not just to sing along to but to listen to when some days are colder than others. Uplifting the female spirit, the black woman’s soul. This has always been there. It’s all there. This has been coming for a while. You wanna know why she’s larger than life? Because she represents an entire race, an ancestral past where we were not allowed to just, be; roots deeply planted n the soil of mother earth. She’s larger than life because this just aint about money and/or music sales, it’s about unity and empowerment in black women, in OUR people. It’s about US, not you. Not your lack of understanding in this movement, some shit is just for US.
And leave it, at that. 

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