A Lovers End. 

I think in another lifetime it would have mattered. Chemistry is undeniable in lovers. It seeps through their movements, their words and their eyes. The one thing lovers can never do is admit their secrets. No words necessary. The body doesn’t lie. That passion, that intimacy and lips that are shared, are not just from the wombs of lust. That’s just what’s told to subdue lovers from a past lifetime before. It’s hard to separate when the memories resurface, triggering the image of many lives lived before the moment the pressure begins. Following dips and curves with the tip of tongues, free falling into sensational trips of joy. Allowing energies to combine. Bodies memorizing our favorite rhythms to move to. I think in another lifetime, we would have mattered. Countless episodes of reoccurring conversations, debating and forsaking the real depth of secrets between lovers. “What a life we live” reciting to each other amidst hurried kisses before the sun greets a tired night sky. I think in another lifetime, our tragedies would have been our beauty. The smile I’ll wear, the hands you’ll hold, the life we would fulfill. We live through our tragedies, creating poetry in the ways we find strength to keep living. What’s motivating enough to keep a broken heart strong? It’s the possibility that in another lifetime the opportunity to be your lover will present itself once again. It’s the possibility that it will be on my own free will to give the sweetness of love to my lovers mouth. I think in another lifetime, I would have mattered. How many times have you tried to find the green in her almond shaped brown eyes? I think.. 
In another lifetime, the thought of me would have stopped you from saying “I do”. 

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