Just lie there. 
Staying warm. 
Feeling the throbbing rushing over like waves. 
There’s a storm that’s ending. 
Raindrops still falling. 
Some have appeared on skin. 
Simulating the illusion of golden hues underneath a night sky. 
Circular vibrations forming small winds. Mouths opened and closed. 
Just lie there. 
So many ways to say thank you. 
So many thoughts to think when replays appear without asking. 
Falling deeper into pools of passion. 
Hands on chest. 
Head titled back. 
Legs wrapped around sides. 
Inspirational movements from above. 
Motivational movements from behind. 
Engulfed in never ending. 
Vicariously living through moans escaping past exasperated breaths. 
Is this what’s been missing? 
Diving beneath moisture and sweat making eyes open wide. 
Hands guiding backward angles. 
Hair messy from non stop journeys to the center. 
May the never ending begin with faint languages. 
Words tirelessly forming. 
Lips full of sweetness. 
We’ve created a language amidst exhaustion. 
I can’t breathe I am so lost within you. 
So, just lie there. 
Nothing else need be done. 
So many ways to thank you. 
Catching my breath is one. 
But I’ll start by saying…

Written January 10,2016 

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