Sex in your mid-twenties. 

Such a disappointing session this early afternoon. I could have used both hands but I am just too tired and I really just wanted to cum quickly and take a nap. Ain’t that just horrible?? I’m cheating my own damn self out of a body numbing instant sleep orgasm. Make no sense. Just disrespectful. Lol. I should have really used both my hands. See, this is one of those situations where a third hand would have been real convenient because I needed breast stimulation lol. Having my friend inside and having my other friend on my clit is just spine tingling. Uggghh. Every time I close my eyes it’s the Same image that pops up: me bent over a counter with ppl watching as I’m getting fucked from behind. It’s the craziest thing ever. Kinky but crazy. And it’s the same big dick all the time. The person ain’t the same but the dick is. Maybe that’s what’s missing? A big juicy beautiful dick? Something with the right girth so that I finally feel FILLED??? That’s the only thing I miss about being with women. The sensuality of everything. The caresses and the soft supple skin. The fullness of breast rubbing against each other. The teasing. The foreplay. It’s more of an emotional experience than it is just sexual. Maybe that’s what’s missing?? I need a woman with a dick now??!!! Lol I’ll have to write more in depth on it but I think you get the gist of things. I am not satisfied with my poor sex life. Can’t even provide myself with a proper enjoyable session with my damn self. 
Sex in your mid twenties. 

Either you’re having it

Or you’re wishing you were.

Written November 26,2015

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