Perfect posture. 
Straight and strong. 
Firm to the touch. 
I like to stare. 
Stuck in awe. 
There’s power in his strength. 
The way knees bend and lips moisten. 
I find myself doing whatever to keep him standing. 
I crave his attention. 
Mouthing a language but not one that is heard. 
Circular motions. 
Teeth piercing the soft flesh as eyes close. 
Anything to keep him, present. 
Tracing lines inside. 
So much strength I hold between lips. 
With hands keeping rhythm. 
Hands and kisses, I finally hear words. 
Wanting nothing more than warmth spread across my face. 
I maintain steady pace despite firm grips against my neck. 
I wanna be ready to receive. 
To drink. 
To feel full as he empties. 
Covering every taste bud. 
Smiles given in appreciation. 
I love when salutatio

Written January 18,2016

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