Erotic sundays. 

There’s something erotic about rubbing baby oil to nourish your skin after a hot intense shower. Water droplets still lingering on the skin, waiting to become part of a never ending stream caused by the excitement of touch. Hands, fingertips doused in the oil ready for contact. Massaging it into your feet, maintaining the right pressure for tension release. The smoothness of the skin and how it glistens in the dim lighting of the room. The candles flickering frantically as each caress is expressed with delicately dressed moans of pleasure. The soft fragrance and the inviting slippery slope that now exist between your thighs. It’s the freedom that enhances the experience of allowing yourself to run carelessly down the inner most part of your thighs, right before precious lips meet and suddenly intensifying the rush by stopping abruptly. How erotic it is to immerse yourself in self love Sunday nights.

Written November 9,2014

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