The sensation of you. Rolling lips against skin. Finger tips tiptoeing underneath shirts. It feels like home. Feels like a hot summer day in the middle of July, where moistened flesh is exposed and the breeze flows freely. Warm cocoa brown skin glistening under amber tones of light. Dancing, flickering against creme colored walls, the candles rejoicing at the commencement of bodies this evening. Wasting time earlier, only to buy more time before the night ended. Why do we feel so good underneath starry skies and crescent moons? Why does the night always seem so inviting anytime we agree to meet? Is it a curse to have nightly talks about the savory taste of your lips? We fall so lightly into a cascade of sheets for lovers. Soft words of desired movements direct and foretell the evenings events. It’s so good to see you again. To feel you again. The sounds of luscious kisses escape between my thighs I whisper your favorites. Melodic. Rhythmic. Delicious. Moving to beats only bodies can hear. It’s almost punishing the depths you find, apologizing for my long departure, words falling short of your ears. The harder, the louder. Lo siento mi amante, pero extraño mucho mi corazoncito. We do this over and over again. Finally laying back in exhaustion, it’s so beautiful what we create with sweat and words. It’s filling. Almost overwhelming as hearts pound towards each other, reaching for each other. The body never lies. The sensation of you. 

I want to feel this, over and over. 

Let’s go again. 

Written September 5,2016 

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