Romancing a man. 

It’s such a closeness feeling the filing he gives. Thickness throbbing deep within me. Still moving slowly. Overflowing I am. Toes pointed towards the gods I was thanking. It’s almost mind blowing the turn of events; the turn of my hips; the turns and the tips. I am overpowered by by the hunger of a man for his woman. I am devoured. Whole. Body was taken in delight. I almost forgot the feeling of warm bodies dripping in lust underneath street lights in the middle of the night. Illuminating soft breast and hands full of flesh. My favorite feeling is your warmth inside me. I haven’t had a kiss so…. delicious. I love when you leave behind traces of your presence… soft. Creamy. Warm, against flesh, lips. I savor the taste of you. May we never stop meeting like this. 

Written September 27,2016

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