I need to be a good girl. 

And stop watching videos of us. If another afternoon was given, my mouth would never be closed. Soft lips wrapped around the erected flesh. The enhanced noises and moans as hands hold back silk strands of copper. The declaration of tongues meeting between intermissions of our favorite movie. You. Are. Magnificent. 

The way the hues of the afternoon sky roll over the darkened complexion of you, eyes get big as I begin to kneel before you. How faithfully I trust the deliverance of each meeting, must we pretend this charade of fulfillment at home? 

What’s your favorite color, as you begin to remove the satin cloth that’s been holding back the warmth you crave. 

The color of cream against your skin looks beautiful in this lighting. Open the blinds. Let them watch. It’s amazing to watch you work. 

I need to be a good girl but tonight I wanna be so bad for you. 

Written August 5,2016

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