It’s the strength. 
Calloused to the touch. 
Rough but firm. 
Grips tightly and holds
There’s a sense of direction. 
I yearn for it when I am below waters.
Motioning me closer and deeper.
Encouraging caresses against my face. 
Holding back loose strands of hair. 
So helpful. 
I appreciate them.
I kiss them in admiration. 
Sometimes, they taste so good when I’m positioned for worship.
They quiet me on nights I wanna scream. 
Across my lips they play. 
I lay merciless under their guidance. 
Around my neck. 
Resting in my arch. 
They’re so sweet when they bounce off silk covered flesh. 
Wanting closer movements, they never fail in their desires. 
Talking to me. 
My body dances for them. 
Around my hips, I move slowly. 
The last drop they always catch. 
Between fingers, I save them. 
Clean them. 
Holding between thighs. 
Appreciation I express. 
Your hands reign.

Written December 15,2016 

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