Good friends. 

When Stella Rośa doesn’t do the trick at night to calm the body and numb it’s entirety, resorting to a favorite old trick does. Recently discovered by the redundant motions and vibrations of the ins and outs, creativity sparked as the body grew tired from repetition. On a typical evening where the mind is restless, fingers pinch peaks gently to remind the body of pleasure. Firm pinches resonate throughout the body as a hunger begins to emerge. An accumulation of moisture forms at openings as anticipation begins to build. It’s the warmth the body is seeking as strawberry gumdrops begin to harden beneath soft fingertips. A quick caress of the tongue against a fingertip to help
keep the aroused gumdrops as a soft breeze of air allows them to remain at attention. Thighs parted and already between two glossy lips rest friend number 1 enjoying the sudden rush of excitement. Entering at a slow and steady pace, working with the currents of the river. Neck exposed wishing for a rainfall of kisses against it, only to held firmly by hands of a more feminine nature. The flowing of streams, sounds of water against friend number 1, the mind becomes vivid in imagination as friend number 2 begins the teasing at the tip. Maximum pleasure is provided as one enters and one helps maintain the stimulation. The concentration it takes as hands hold both friends and the mind wonders off. Images of hard, mocha colored gods exposing their chiseled bodies as sweat hangs against their skin. Eyes watching, rolling over this sun kissed body, feeling hands touching everywhere. Lips begging to be tasted, feeling the back arching as eyes close. Thighs tighten up, a pulse increasing its reps. Tighter and tighter she becomes, harder and harder one enters, intensifying the vibrations at the tip. Repeating “yes, please take it” over and over and over again until… Ooooooo until I’m relieved from today’s stressors. Wine can’t do everything.

Written march 1,2016 

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