Fill me, gently. 

Continuous conversations of nights between sheets, between lips. Drunken words falling softly to the touch of unexpressed and repressed motions. Distance of bodies with thoughts lingering on what ifs, followed by does time permit? Will time permit? 
What holds one back when the flesh is exposed? 
Candles glowing in the background with shadows revealing slow drops of warmth cascading down the napes of their necks. I understand, for in that moment my legs and the candles sticks become the same shadows. Anticipation from just the thought of how much time we waste when hesitant kisses begin to create flustering movements. I want to feel. I crave. Satisfy me, fully. The words “Fill me” want to escape excitedly off my tongue and into your ear. Move. 
How naked does one have to be for hands to feel freely?
Strawberry gumdrop nipples pierce through my shirt as hands release tension. Light kisses parade my feet and the heat begins to rise. I love a good burning fire, the type that’s hard to put out. Slow burning and delicious. Warm me up before you decide to engulf me tonight. Whisper your demands and be relentless in possession. “Take me”, I wanna scream, dizzy enough to just lose control. I want you to fill me, fully. The thickness of man between my thighs, the sensation is devouring me. Pulsing and throbbing as each thrust goes deeper and the breathing intensifies, can I taste the cream? Fingers dipped in icing tracing my lips, teasing. Tongue out, pupils dilated waiting for a cure. Save me. Circular warm kisses I give from the inside, tight, drenched in the wetness of the art we created….
I want the wholeness of you, inside. I want to feel full of you. Expand me. Let me hold you, tighter. 
Satisfy me. 
Please, save me tonight.
Just, fill me. 

Written October 31,2015 

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