Moments alone and my mind revisits you. It’s raining this evening, nothing would feel better than the naked flesh together. Ripe and sweet, I’m coming in on vibrations from a deep soft place. I remember that hot, lazy afternoon, rushing home from work to serve you. To feel you. Nights alone I grab my neck and pretend it’s your hands seizing my body out of desperation and desire. I’ve become so busy that I forgot to feed us. To tend to us. I finally got moments alone and my mind revisits the fullness of your lips and I want nothing but to have another taste. I watch you. Oh, I still play to the rhythm of you. I still want you. Badly. Almost achingly. To allow my hands to rediscover you and for my mouth to quickly follow. Do you still think of me and how my body appears underneath the afternoon sun? 
See, the thing about relationships is always the previous endeavors or the affairs you have in between. The wondering mind with a curiosity untamable. It’s always the unfinished business that can contribute to a present body but an absent mind. You’re addictive. And delicious. And raw. Sexy. And you handle my body in the most devouring unapologetic ways. 
And I can not get enough. 
These moments alone and I revisit you. 
How can I ever truly finish something so addictive? So exciting? So wrong… 
I wish you were here right now to teach me a lesson. 
Maybe then I’ll learn to stop… Wanting you. 
Or maybe not. 

Written June 14,2016

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