The sweat. 

I love when the smell of a man lingers. Soft blackberries and pepper aromas. Or fresh linen and amber. So masculine. Such tender hints of femininity floating. And you just lie there inhaling all of him in. And you smile and giggle remembering how fine is , how sexy he looks naked and how cute his ass is. Nothing is more pleasing to the female touch than a nice booty on a man. Not too plush but not too firm. Grabbing it after an evening session or when he’s doin dishes because it his turn this week. The confusion in his face because no man likes their butt to be pinched or smacked but they know how much us women love to tease them. As long we smile, they’ll suffer. It’s just so reassuring seeing the definition in his back muscles are when he bends over to pick up a sock or something off the floor. How cute he looks when he just stands there and looks puzzled as you just fall back into bed laughing. I love a nice body on a man. A nice strong body. Almost a midnight chocolate hue or maybe a mahogany brown. It’s absolutely incredible to see water glistening off such skin. Or when sweat beads begin to form or how he wrinkles up his forehead when he’s tryna stop from sweating. I just wanna encourage the perspiration that’s emerging and welcome all of it against my skin. It shows character. It proves how hard the work really is. Whether nervous or tryna accomplish something I admire its appearance.

Written February 3,2016

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