Just call me sexy and smack my ass, hard. Don’t you miss the way I would moan whenever we blended; How I would tilt my head back as you guide yours…. Are nights still hard for you? Don’t you wonder what a couple more nights would’ve been like had we continued? Is it easier to just forget how much fun we had? How beautifully intertwined we became that one afternoon drenched in each other, when the sun touches you, do you still remember the heat between us? Do you even wonder how many more places I could’ve taken you, the depths we both could’ve swam? I’m always gonna write about you. You were so delicious, so willing and ready, just as I had hoped for. I have so many fantasies of you. Your aggressiveness and that hunger for me. Just reimagining you all over me makes me want to put hands on, all over, myself. You would hold me down by my hands and whisper in my ear to take it all. I quiver remembering those words. Remembering the pain. Remembering the tightening of muscles as you continued on despite my pleas. You punished me so good. 

How much fun it is to have a secret…😊

Written June 20,2016

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