Mangoes anyone? 

This evening began with slices of fresh mango traced along lips. Been awhile since the incorporation of fruit&play took place. The teasing of the soft fleshy mango in and out of craving mouths, the dripping of juices sliding down chins. Laughing at the mess we made, smiling between bites. This evening began underneath a very well known blanket of heat as the sunset between the blinds. The warmth tonight reminded me of long drives home while the sun rested on my bottom lip. The sensation is always welcomed, mixed with the cool air, I’m reminded of you. This evening we left our socks on and paraded around drenched in sweat with the windows and our mouths open. The melodies of lips meeting and neighbors cheering us on, this evening was about how to reinvent ourselves, how to muster up enough strength to push past that first climax and continue on with the vibrations of us. Floating on clouds of previous images of us, we always rise to the occasion, legs wrapped around your waist, head back and fingers tasting like milk chocolate, we dive deeper into each other. Encouraging me to finally speak, seeing in my eyes the need to be vocal. Hitting spots inside, land slide forming between river banks, giving me no choice but to scream your name and hearing it echo throughout my small apartment. Is there ever enough ways to say your name? This evening was about us. The chemistry between a man and a woman. And it all began with slices of fresh mango.

Written February 28,2016

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