Lessons in traffic 

Every morning this past week I’ve made some very questionable decisions on my way to work, just to avoid traffic. Monday and Tuesday, took the same route and landed in 25mins traffic when I was literally 3mins from my job. Wednesday, I did the same thing hoping it would be different. Why? The lane says merge left, why can’t we ever just fuckin merge left? Traffic pattern is still the same, construction is still going on, what’s changed? Nothing. Thursday, oh Thursday I said I ain’t going down that route again and got off another exit. I like to be punctual at my job even though I have the freedom to come in at whatever time I want. I got off two exits before my actual one and was prepared to just fly to work. Wrong again. I sat in traffic for 35mins this time. Frustrated. Annoyed. I just want to get to work. Ugh! Why traffic why??!! This morning, I bit the bullet and just took my normal route and sat in traffic for 15mins. Moral of the story? 

No matter how bad you wanna get somewhere, no matter what route you take… there is always goin to be life traffic to slow you down. Learn to have patience and understand that the frustrations are only temporary. 
You’re gonna get there, even if the place you’re tryna get to is just work. 
Don’t be scared to explore other routes, learn what works and understand that sometimes the path you were already taking is the one you should remain on. 

Such is life. 😊

Written September 16,2016

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