It’s just sex, remember? 

He came ready. 
To play. 
To rise. 
To be served. 
He came. 
Remembering past conversations 
He listened. 
I was praying for his hands throughout the day. 
The restoration of my body. 
Beneath. Between. Holding. 
Cupping parts of me and sipping. 
He listened. 
I noticed. 
He was deserving of everything now coming. 
What makes a man a good lover is the attentiveness he pays towards the woman. 
I’ve never wanted to please a man more than the one before me. 
Giving him my all as if it’s my last 
Time, intertwined. Combined 
We are just flowing and being 
And the act is just overwhelming 
And for a moment. Just a moment 
I wanna be everything for this man 
Everything for this man 
And I want kisses and deep thrust 
Express to me this is worth the wait 
And before. Right before I cum 
Before I expose my sweetness to this man 
Moments of weakness over come 
And over throw my rationality
I wanna know this man as I bend over and so easily give him access to my inner womanhood 
Parts of me wanna become parts of you and right before I cum I wanna know this mans every weakness 
How he feels, how he deals how he breathes 
The passion is blinding and I’m overthrown beneath him and I wanna say to him “pleas make me cum” 
I scream make me cum. 
Hurried kisses and a quickened pace and I so effortlessly give into him 
And I feel…. 
I feel sexy. 
And womanly. 
And I feel owned. Deeply. I’ve been moved. 
This man is ruling me and I don’t care about the broken hearts 
Or the sad love songs 
This man makes me feel… 
And what you can’t find at home 
You can always find in a lover… 
But this is just sex, so we have to remember…

Written May 12,2016

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