Deep kisses. 

5years and the kisses still remain the same. Soft. Demanding. Deep kisses. We are lovers. We’ve met many moons ago. Years before we ever knew each other. There’s no denying the familiarity. The first time we opened ourselves, sighs of relief escaped as if we’ve rediscovered each other. The passion still exist. We connect. Hands closed and eyes open. We are beautiful when we work together. So encouraging between breaths. How deeper we fall every time we mesh. The intensity. The sensuality. It’s almost a mystery how two can still maintain the fire when every element has presented itself. Between sheets. We belong to others. But too many nights we’ve found each other. This was supposed to end a long time ago. So long ago. But we keep pushing through. Hoping things will change. I can’t stop loving him. And you’re never gonna leave her. But the chemistry we have….. 
Don’t you ever wonder if you’re supposed to be with someone else?

Written January 29,2016

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