You need to make the time 

It’s about finding the time to create. The time to be creative is always now. Always in the present. Always in the moment. Be alive. The concept behind 2017 for me this time around. Last year I explored. I watched in awe as my world changed around me. What was created for me to experience and to fall in love with, was perfect. Was amazing. Was the tear dropping beautiful. What a year 2016 was for me. How amazing it is to be aware of life and love. This year I wanna expand on all that I learned in 2016. All that I became. All that comes with me now with the beginning of this year. I wanna be more dedicated. More invested. More about my crafts. More about creative vision I was blessed with since a child. Colors. Vivid bold colors. My life is full of colors. And words. Colorful words. Can I just have moments where my words spill over into imaginations and paint pictures of love? Moments where all I can see are words coming together on pages. I think it’s time to be better. To better my craft. To understand the connection between soul, spirit and words. Anything can be created with comprehension of passion and literature. Art. 
2017 let’s become art.

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