Tuesday energizer 

It was sunshine and blue skies over the weekend. It’s pre spring at the moment. Heat rising and hugging the body tight, windows down on the turnpike north. Melodic soulful sounds of a Southern Hummingbird singing stories of desire and heartache. Peace: It’s something that’s becoming very distant for one amidst the daily stresses of every day passed where one forgets to breathe. The feeling of restlessness is turning into constant dreams of mountains of paperwork lying there in wait, as sleep deprivation is counteracted with the blackness of coffee. This weekend was full of life, something so desperately that needed to be felt. No pinches, no slaps of reality, just open eyes and feeling. Freshness between bites of citrus marinated avocado slices with Italian olives, crisp Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes and sweetness in a glass. Bodies exposing of soft flesh and smiles. The bitter sweet taste of a 10% volume drink. Colors of red and orange swirl together as cubes of ice float to the top. A delicious sip of paradise and the mind is freed to explore the surroundings. The weekend prepped the body for a continuation of Friday. Shoulders tense, lower back cramping, all tell tale signs of a stressful week ahead. Monday provided energy until lunch time came and soup and I became one. Tuesday presents the same mellow drama and already I want the week to be over. 

But he always knows what to say. Never a better time to compliment my hair then when my thighs are spread apart and the feeling of my giggle is something we both can share…..

I guess I can finish this week off…

Written March 8,2016 

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