Relationship compromise #1

We had a lovely breakfast this morning at a new spot in Jacksonville called The Corner Bakery. Very comfy and cute. The menu had much to offer. He had four fluffy buttermilk pancakes with bacon and I indulged in some Anaheim scrambled eggs with harvest toast and roasted potatoes with chopped red onions. I also added a hazelnut cream coffee with a few sprinkles of cinnamon to the mix. Perfect breakfast this morning. But deep down in my soul I knew this breakfast was gonna have us both in a “rush”. Continue reading. 

Today is my best friends’ house warming party. She’s just wonderful. Man I’ve never been so proud of a young woman in my life the way I am of her. She’s strong. Shes annoying but determined. She registered at bed bath and beyond so, we as a newly rejuvenated couple decided to shop her registry and buy a few things. Breakfast was blissful and we had this look of satisfaction in our eyes. We were laughing and joking. Back to the way we were. Checking out, waiting in line my man looks to me with pain in his eyes and I knew exactly what he felt. He mouths the words “we gotta go”. Instantly my heart sank, because what he felt, I felt and only one of us was gonna survive this. 

Continue reading. 

We hop in the car after struggling for about 20mins with the stupid gift wrapping. We are agitated. Annoyed. How could such a wonderful breakfast just rip apart what we’ve been rebuilding, I wondered. He was kissing my hand in the car as if this was gonna be the last kiss before he abandons all we’ve worked for. We arrive to the hotel and just as we get on the elevator he turns to me and says the words no woman in this situation wants to here “I’m goin first”. I just peered up at this man who stands 6’1 and just smiled weakly and said “it’s ok babe, go ahead”. 

We get in the room, we left the tv on, Penn state is playing, his favorite team, so he offers up the bathroom to me; explaining he doesn’t want to miss any highlights of the game. But the way the hotel room is set up, he can watch the game from the bathroom and still be able see all the highlights. I explain this to him and the look in his eyes are magical. So, I the bigger nigga, decline the offer and say babe have your time alone and I’ll just go downstairs. 

So here I am, reporting live from the gutter while my man watches his football game and releases the pains from what was supposed to be a blissful breakfast. 

Relationship compromising 101. 

Hope you enjoyed this story. 😊

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